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Founded in 1996 Art Works Art School is a community based art school whose mandate is to introduce adults, teens and children to the enriching world of art in a positive, creative and healthy environment. During our 20 years in operation, Art Works Art School has evolved and expanded its services to facilitate students of all ages, offering some of the finest and most varied art programs in the city.

Adult Programs offer a variety of painting and drawing classes for the beginner as well as the more experienced artist in a supportive and structured environment. Teen Programs focus on developing technique and encouraging confidence with the medium of choice. Several of our programs focus on portfolio preparation for high school, college and university for ages 11 – 16 years. Children’s Programs provide art instruction for children aged 3-12 years with special emphasis on the development of visual awareness, elements of art and design, personal expression, confidence in problem solving, improved self-esteem, imagination and comfort with materials. 

Established in 2010, Baby Point Gates BIA takes its name from the historic stone gates located at the intersection of Jane and Annette streets. The launching of the BIA has inspired a range of ideas by local merchants to strengthen and enliven these two retail streets. Work currently focuses on marketing, branding and streetscaping the area. Baby Point Gates BIA is well-served by public transit and is intersected by two major roads, which are surrounded by attractive, well-established neighbourhoods.


Founded in early 2010, the Baby Point Heritage Foundation (BPHF) began as a collaboration of neighbours with common interests and a shared goal: to preserve and protect the built heritage of this exceptionally unique neighbourhood. Concerned by interest in demolishing or radically modifying the exterior of homes and streetscape in Baby Point, and catalysed into action by the proposed demolition of a heritage Arts & Crafts home, the group decided to form the BPHF with the view to educate and inform residents and the public of the heritage of the neighbourhood.


Baby Point is historically, architecturally and archaeologically significant to the history of the City of Toronto, to the province of Ontario, and to Canada. The Foundation was formally incorporated in August, 2010 as a non-profit, federally-charted organization.

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